Kimberlee "Kim" Ann Johansen is the female protagonist of the series. She is Dexter's best friend and online video game partner. She has known Dexter since 2013, despite this they have not meet outside video games.


Kim is best described as a very mature and intelligent person whose stubbornness and occasional jealousy sometimes get the best of her. She is typically portrayed as nice, feminine, and liberal in nature. But she describes her self as apolitical/center.

Kim generally provides a voice of reason, usually against Dexter and his weird shenanigans. She is also very emphatic person and often concerned about those around her. She sometimes gets concerned that she will sink to the same demeanor as Dexter.

Skills and Abilities

Kim is very tech heavy and has a wast understanding of different programming languages such as Python, C, Java and C++. Being a girl online people make the assumption that she is technological inept. She grew up around computers and video games.


There is no info yet on how she looks like outside the video game world.


She has a father and mother which she has good relations with. Her relationship with Dexter is a more of a brother and sister type thing. Kim has known Dexter for 5 years, she is aware that Dexter may seem like a bad person but she brushes it off as trolling and some times ignorance.

"Dexter is the biological representation of 4chan and the worst of Reddit. But he is my best-friend, and if you dig very hard, like VERY VERY hard and deep, like the ozone layer deep you will se that he is a good person." - Kim


The show's creator Zæck Freakz designed her personality to be a mixture of Rachel Green (Friends), Dee Reynolds (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Elaine Marie Benes (Seinfeld) and Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

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