He is the protagonist in "Godt Voksen" and one of the protagonists alongside Kim.


Dexter has no filter and often says exactly what is on his mind. He isn't actively a bad person, but accidentally offends people with comments that he sees as harmless. But he is very aware that he is an asshole and sometimes he just does it for the "LOLs" as he has stated. Dexter is frequently hinted to be an emotionless sociopath but has taken a more sympathetic approach. A lot of the characters in the show are confused to why Kim is friends with him.

Skills and Abilities

Dexter is hyper-intelligent, which has a contributed to him being very good at video games and problem-solving tasks. The downside to his intelligent is that as a child he was not able to make any friends, and was often annoyed by others illogical and irrational decisions. As a "grown up" this has resulted him to be a bit cynical.


According to the shows creator his personality is a mixture of Rick Sanchez (Rick And Morty), Larry David (Crub Your Enthusiasm), Adam DeMamp (Workaholics) and Paul Rudd's portrayal of Scott Lang (Ant-Man).
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